Science, Medicine, and Technology

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Roderick Badger (Dentist, 19th Century)

Benjamin Banneker (Astronomer, Farmer, Mathematician, Surveyor)

Guion Bluford, Jr. (First Black U.S. Astronaut)

Dr. Benjamin Carson (Chief of Pediatric Neurosurgery, John Hopkins University)

George Washington Carver (Agricultural Scientist who invented Peanut butter products; Revolutionized Southern economy)

Dr. James Derham (Physician)

Dr. Martin Delaney (Doctor, Harvard Medical School)

Dr. Charles Drew (Scientist; Separated Plasma from Bloost)

Rudolph J. Frank (Software Developer, American Telephone and Telegraph)

Robert Tanner Freeman (Dentist; First Black to Complete Dental school)

James Hall (Doctor; First Black to receive degree in medicine)

Dr. Mae Jenson (U.S. Astronaut, First Female Astronaut in Space)

Lewis Latimer (Scientist who invented filament for the electric light bulb)

Dr. LaSalle D. Leffal (Surgeon, oncologist, medical educator and civic leader)

Jan Ernst Matzeliger (Inventor of Attached Soles to Shoes)

Elijah McCoy (Inventor, Engineer-Railroad Lubricants)

Dr. Ronald McNair (U.S. Astronaut)

Garret Morgan (Inventor; Early Traffic Light)

Dr. Clarice Reid (Doctor; National Institute of Health's Former Director of Blood Diseases and Resources)

Norbert Rilleux (Inventor/Engineer; Multiple-Effect Evaporator)

Henry Thomas Sampson (Film Writer and Inventor of Gamma-Electric Cell)

William H. Townsend (First black licensed optometrist in Arkansas)

Dr. Levi Watkins, Jr. (Civil Rights Advocate; Performed First Successful Heart Implantation of an automatic defibrillator)

Dr. Daniel Hale Williams (Physician; Performed world's first successful surgery on the human heart)

Granville T. Woods (Scientist; Invented Street Cars, Telegraph System, Automatic Air Brakes)