Heroes, Trailblazers and Explorers

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369th Infantry (World War I)

Elijah Anderson (Abolitionist/Conductor of Underground Railroad)

Crispus Attucks (First Casualty of Boston Massacre, American Revolution)

Josiah Barjonah (Minuteman with Samuel Adams, American Revolution)

James Beckwourth (Black Tribal Chief of Crow Indians)

Cinque (Kidnapped African Who Led Slave Rebellion on ship, Amistad)

Paul Cuffe (Seamen/Merchant; Richest Black Men in 19th Century; Suffrage Rights and Back-to-Africa Movement)

Stephen Doranties (Estevanico) (16th Century African Slave Who Led Spanish from Florida to Texas and Mexico)

Jean Baptiste Pointe duSable (Fur Trader/Founder of Chicago)

Olaudah Equiano (Prominent Leader in British Abolition Movement)

Matthew Henson (Member of First U.S. Expedition to North Pole)

Pinto Jim (Horse Rider/Rodeo)

Henry Johnson (Member of 369th Infantry in WWI; Won highest French military honor, Croix de Guerre)

Nat Love (Cowboy; Best Roper and Rifle Shooter)

Bill Pickett (Cowboy, Buffalo Soldiers)

Job Potomea (Minuteman with Paul Revere)

Needham Roberts (American Revolutionary War)

Tack Sisson (American Revolutionary War)

Tuskegee Airmen (World War II)

Harriet Tubman (Conductor of Underground Railroad)

Nat Turner (Slave Who Led Slave Rebellion)

Denmark Vessey (Planned Largest Slave Revolt in History in South Carolina)

Colonel Charles Young (West Point Graduate; Buffalo Solder and Spanish-American War)