Journalism and Mass Media

Know any famous African-Americans that belong on this list? Please send your name requests to bhmaainfo at gmail dot com.

Robert S. Abbott (Founder of Chicago Defender)

Charlotta S. Bass (Journalist/Editor/Civil Rights Activist)

George Curry (Journalist, Public Speaker, and Affirmative Action Expert)

T. Thomas Fortune (editor of New York Age)

Bryant Grumbel (Former Anchor of NBC's Today Show)

Ethel L. Payne (Journalist, Social Advocate, 1st Black Female Commentator of National Network)

Pittsburgh Courier (Famous for Double V campaign)

Sam Logan (Founder of Michigan Chronicle)

Max Robinson (Former Achor/Newsreporter for ABC's World News Today)

John Russworm (Founder of First Black Newspaper in America, Freedom's Journal

Ida B. Wells-Barnett (Journalist, Social Activist)

Oprah Winfrey (Host of Leading Talk Show; Owner of Harpo Productions)